Thursday, April 30, 2009

Qavah's Skin

Qavah has seen four doctors about a skin rash that developed suddenly on Sunday. Her face and eye lids were covered in a rash that did not itch, but as it has progressed the skin has turned hard and leathery. Two doctors have said it is eczema and two have disagreed but don't know what it is. Paul and I have been looking through her medical records and discovered she was treated for the same thing twice before we adopted her. She also had a skin biopsy on her neck where the rash began just after she was born but everything they tested for came back negative. I have been quite concerned about the rash because it caused Qavah's eyes to glue together at night and it took several warm wet wash cloths to get them open in the morning. Pink eye has been ruled out. It appears as though she is having some sort of allergy and her body is overreacting. The doctors we saw didn't really have any advice about treating this, so I am using homeopathic remedies and sterile drops in her eyes. Although this has been stressful for Qavah, she is still smiling and happy. We are very thankful for her joyful spirit.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, we are going to have a visit from Granddaddy and Grandmom. There will be harp lessons, dinner, and music. All of which will be a nice change of pace after all the doctor visits this week.