Monday, April 27, 2009

Rules that Bless

Qavah doesn't read the calendar where we record major family events, so she had no way of knowing why we were putting on our "Sunday best" clothing and putting on perfume Saturday night. We told her that we were going to a very fancy dinner party and that we would want her to behave like a princess. Once I had dressed her, she immediately started working on her curtsy in front of the mirror. We decided as a family that it would be fun to start working on proper etiquette so that we would be more comfortable in social situations. And David and Lizi were just the right friends to teach us those things. They prepared a lovely dinner for us, then proceeded to teach us throughout the evening how to be at ease in a formal dinner setting.

David began our evening by reading a few key paragraphs written by Emily Post that said in essence, "using good manners merely means treating others with dignity and respect." Kindness was the unspoken rule of the evening. Our conversation was uplifting and edified those who listened. Our teachers spoke to us lovingly as they imparted the rules of etiquette. Paul Burton sat beside me and quietly helped me to remember to place my fork at the "four o'clock position" when I finished each course. Being left handed, I kept leaving it at "eight o'clock."

In this picture David is telling my husband, Paul, how his mother took great care to teach him how to be a gentleman. Paul, being the head of our home was the guest of honor for the evening.

Princess Qavah handled the social event well. She sat quietly during dinner and ate the homemade rolls one after another. I'm not sure how polite that was, but she is a little woman who knows what she likes and that counts for something. I think she may be ready for her debut at the White House or the Queen's palace.

Kathryn has the new updated book of etiquette that includes proper cell phone use in public, and writing emails. Using good manners is not out of style. Serving one another is the example Jesus set for us when He, the King of Kings, washed the feet of His beloved disciples.

We all enjoyed our evening and it blessed us tremendously. We rarely get out to church dinners any more, or to social events where the girls may easily pick up a virus. So the elegant and delightful evening with our friends will be something we can talk about for years to come. The memory is as sweet as the apple pie served for dessert.