Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Weekend

"Qavah, do you know what day it is?" I asked. "Friday!" she exclaimed. And she knows that Friday is the last day of the work week and the fun with Daddy begins. Friday night I posted that my hot date was sound asleep on the sofa but the evening ended well. My date woke up, put on some Sandalwood Cologne and took me to the bookstore where we purchased another favorite book for our bedtime reading. Kathryn did get to babysit and she had everything under control when we arrived home.

Saturday was an outdoor day. We cleaned up the dead brush from winter and mowed the lawn. We also had a happy surprise when a wedding party pulled in and took their wedding pictures on our property. We peeked out the windows as the bride and groom posed in several places around the yard and beside the creek.

Sunday was the best day of all. The balmy temperatures were just right for picture taking. Friends came to visit with a very special basket of fun. Enjoy the pictures. In them I see the goodness of God. I know you will, too.