Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Good Day!

Kathryn's infection on her skin is clearing up. She went to work again today. After work we did a little shopping together which was a welcome change for her. She called me at noon from her office to tell me that a nurse spoke with her today regarding some of last week's blood test results. Two of her liver tests showed her 20 points higher than the normal range. The doctor ran the tests last week when she was feeling so poorly. I am very thankful for Kathryn's hematologist because he is careful to track things for her when she isn't feeling right. In the meantime, Kathryn is feeling stronger and smiled a lot today. We'll just have to wait and see what is happening to Kathryn's liver but we are not going to spend any time fretting about it.

On our afternoon shopping trip Qavah and Kathryn each got a new pair of summer flip-flops. Qavah insisted on wearing hers out of the store. She loves the sound they make as she walks. She's just a little bitty girl but in her flip-flops she can make herself sound pretty big. This morning she was playing Queen Lucy again and enlisted Ellie, (our black lab mix), to play Aslan. Qavah jumped up from the floor in the library and shouted, "Come on Aslan, they're here!" Ellie jumped up and ran to the window barking. "Who is here?" I asked. "The White Witch and her dwarves!" she exclaimed. I looked at poor Ellie, still barking out the front window. At the age of fourteen she had to muster up the enthusiasm to run to the window in the first place. "Sorry old girl," I said, patting her head. "I think it is a false alarm."