Monday, May 18, 2009


We had a good day today. I walked past Kathryn's room early this morning and peeked in wondering if she would be able to get up for work. I found that her bed was made and her room was bathed in morning light. I raised my hands toward Heaven and said, "Thank you, God!" Kathryn had already gotten up, was dressed, and had packed a lunch in preparation for work.

Qavah is going to see the doctor Wednesday morning again about her rash. Her skin is peeling off under her chin and several other places. She told me that her skin hurts. So far we have tried several methods of moisturizing and have applied all kinds of topical ointments but it seems to us that her body is going through an "attack stage" and again we are going to discuss the use of an immunosuppresant. But she has been cheerful and had a better appetite today.

For the past several weeks Qavah has watched the movies, Narnia or Prince Caspian once a day. She is drawn to those movies where good triumphs over evil after a lot of action. She has turned our paint stir-sticks into swords. On Sunday she is dressed in ruffles and lace from head to toe. But during the week she fancies herself as Queen Lucy and has "sword fights" with the air while riding her rocking horse. She's royalty and a warrior. That's a good combination for the battles she faces.

We met with some Christian friends tonight and closed out the evening praying for others. I was seated in a beautiful home on the side of a mountain facing a large wall of glass and watched the sun set behind the furthest mountain range. I loved living this day. It was so beautiful and peaceful. When the horizon began to darken I felt like cheering because this was a splendid day the Lord had made and He did a mighty fine job.