Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Health Care Observations

Kathryn had a rough night and didn't get to work today after all. However, she is feeling better by the hour after her second dose of Rocephin. When we walked into the cancer center for the Rocephin today, Qavah flew into the arms of Kathryn's doctor saying, "Here he is, Kathryn!" They hugged and it made him laugh. Then toward the end of Kathryn's infusion, a stately gentleman rose up from his therapy chair next to Kathryn's and the nurses clapped and cheered for him. He had just received his last chemotherapy treatment and the nurses took his picture while his wife beamed. His test was cancer-free and everyone celebrated and talked about the hair that would soon grow back on his head. I thought I would write about these things because it is uplifting to hear good news associated with medical care in America.

It took time and a lot of prayer to find the right medical care for the girls. But in the process of finding and getting to know their doctors, we have become a team. We are thankful for their dedication not just to us but to all their patients. It was a good day. Thank you for praying for Kathryn. I think she is going to be back on her computer tomorrow and she can thank you herself. I am in awe of God sending so many prayer warriors our way. We are grateful for each one. We pray for you, too.