Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Help for Kathryn

I wanted to post early today to let you know how much we appreciate your prayers. Prayer moves mountains. Kathryn was able to get in touch with her hematologist first thing this morning and was given her first dose of Rocephin by noon. She will have the next three doses given at the outpatient clinic and have her Hickman site checked again on Friday. This infection was caught early because Kathryn is able to sense when something is going wrong. So instead of being bed ridden over this, she is making plans to go back to work tomorrow.

We have seen so many answers to prayer today already that I could just shout for joy. I am taking one day at a time but with Kathryn's infection under control and Qavah's transfusion tomorrow I think we may have another good weekend ahead. Good health is such a gift. I have taken it for granted in the past. Every day we wake up feeling good is a reason for celebrating!