Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Weekends

On Friday of a long holiday weekend I think about the coming days and start making a list of all that I'd like to accomplish while everyone is home and most importantly while there are many eyes watching Qavah. I had planned to sew curtains, wash windows, clean closets and so forth. Kathryn and I cleaned the house on Friday. I cooked ahead and made a meal on Saturday to be served to our guests on Sunday, and for the most part I was humming along pretty well until Monday. Monday morning, my big bonus vacation day, I looked at my "to do" list and decided this vacation was too short to spend it working that hard. As a result I had several coffee and tea breaks, and two delicious naps. The dirty windows don't bother me as much now that I am rested. So tomorrow I'll approach the task with less intensity and more pleasure.

While Paul was cleaning the garage this weekend he found an old toy rifle that belonged to Paul Burton. Once Qavah had that in hand she spent the rest of the day on a lion hunt. She hid behind bushes and stalked any bird landing in the yard. Our "princess" shed her long dress and went hunting today with her toy rifle. I tucked her in bed tonight and noticed her gun is right beside her bed. Qavah saw me looking at it and said, "I really like my gun Mommy." But what I think she meant was, "I loved running, hiding, pretending, and playing, Mommy." And I am thankful to be able to provide her a childhood rich with "pretend."