Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother and Daughter

Kathryn and I attended a banquet for mothers and daughters at the baptist church in our neighborhood. We had a lovely dinner and enjoyed our evening with family and friends. But by the end of the evening Kathryn was struggling with another health challenge. She tried to get in touch with her hematologist tonight but decided not to leave a message because the doctor on call tonight knew nothing about HPS. She has again begun to experience pain and redness on the site of her old Hickman line. The infection is growing rapidly and she decided to go to the hospital for an IV antibiotic first thing tomorrow. These fierce infections strike and overtake her body quickly. At present she is in her bed shivering with a fever.

Our family has experienced so many wonderful blessings the past few months. It doesn't steal our joy to be faced with something else so soon. I was thinking before sitting down to this posting that God has strengthened our hearts for these hardships and yet we have not become hardened people. By His grace we hope to remain "bitterness-free." We appreciate your prayers for Kathryn as she faces another "speed bump."