Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Next Thing

The girls have had their share of trouble the past few days. We do seem to go from our good days to bad days at lightening pace. Qavah has a fever tonight and appears to be fighting another cold. Kathryn's trouble was much more serious on Monday night when she ate something that her body rejected. She has become allergic to more foods, and her reactions have become more severe. Late Monday night after a normal day, Kathryn started experiencing hives and breathing problems. She took some Benadryl but it didn't help. Suddenly she began to have bruising and internal bleeding in her joints. Bruises began forming at her knees and elbows. Her right leg began to swell and become painful and the bleeding wouldn't stop so we got her emergency dose of Stimate out of the refrigerator to control that. After icing her leg and cooling her body down with a shower, she was able to relax and sleep. She missed a day of work but is now feeling better. Her body is a colorful array of purples, blues, and browns. She is going to be wearing long dresses and long sleeves to work for awhile.

Those bleeding episodes used to frighten Kathryn, but Monday night she was very calm about it. The fact that Stimate has worked in the past gave her the confidence that she would not have to go into the hospital again. All of this was happening at one o'clock in the morning so our only other option was the ER. We try hard to take care of these things at home to avoid another hospital stay. I also got some reassurance from a friend from the HPS community, and know for certain that we need to cut out citrus and caffeine from Kathryn's diet. Kathryn is doing well tonight and hopes to catch up on some of her projects this weekend.

We're ready for the next thing, which is Mother's Day. Kathryn came into the kitchen tonight carrying a very pretty gift for me to open on Sunday. My dear husband bought me a vintage copy of Emily Post's Etiquette that I opened at once. I also received a bouquet of flowers from Paul Burton today as well, with a very sweet message on the gift card that I will keep forever. I'm a happy and blessed woman. I have been given four children to raise and each one is so different; all are gifts. Not far from my thoughts are the two women who under difficult circumstances had to entrust their little baby girls to a stranger. I hope one day they will know that it was an honor to me to love and care for them. I am thankful that they chose life and that their decision brought so many people joy.