Monday, May 04, 2009


I gave Kathryn a spring magazine for Easter. We looked at the ideas together and thought that putting little plants inside an egg was a great idea for an Easter brunch. We enthusiastically said, "Let's do that someday." We say that a lot. And suddenly the days fly by and "someday" doesn't come around. But this time, we really did mean it and this past Saturday Kathryn and I were invited to a church brunch by my friend Linda. We were asked to decorate the table where we would be seated, because the brunch was called "Festival of Tables." Linda knew how creative and fun that could be for me and I appreciated her for thinking of us. I immediately thought of the idea we wanted to try "someday." Someday had come, and Linda, Kathryn, and I made our decorating plan. My family helped out by eating all of the scrambled eggs after they were cracked and the empty shells fashioned into little flower pots.

I chose to dye the eggs light green in keeping with our color scheme of soft pink, mint green, and white. Linda found the white Alyssum for planting inside the egg shell. She also found a soft pink flower called Pentas for the centerpiece.

The egg holder was made out of card stock and with the little holder in place I was able to set the little plants on each plate for the ladies at the table to take home and plant in their flower bed.

Attendees of the brunch voted on their favorite table designs and we were delighted when we won the prize for the most creative table design. Our prize was a basket full of red geraniums to take home and plant!

The theme of the brunch happened to be "Grace through Trials." As we finished feeding our tummies with those dainty little finger foods girls love, we began to feed our souls with the meat of God's word. Four women shared stories of trials they had faced in their lives and how God's grace carried them through. They were tough trials. There were tears. But thoughout the stories a golden thread of grace was woven. Each woman agreed that their trials were tough, and they hurt, but God's mercy was new every morning in each of their situations. The stories of triumph made me want to leap to my feet and give God a standing ovation when it was over. How well I know that in times of trial there is no other place as comforting as the holy presence of God. I tell Him that almost daily, but "someday" I'll want to tell Him face to face.

"Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need." Hebrews 4:16