Saturday, May 30, 2009

What Makes You Happy?

There has been a lot of happiness this weekend around our house. Qavah has not been well and I took her to the doctor this morning for an antibiotic which will hopefully address the chronic congestion in her nose. But even with a perpetual stopped up nose, Qavah seems so happy. While I was rocking her tonight I asked what made her happy. She simply said, "I like being home with everybody in my family." Kathryn was happy to be able to contribute to the upkeep of our home. She actually enjoyed mopping the kitchen floor today even after a late night of shopping with me yesterday. That is a testimony to how well she is doing physically.

After a long day of working and chores I now have the opportunity to sit down and put my feet up. There is nothing more in this day that needs to be attended to. Nightfall has come, Qavah is asleep, the work is done, and my heart is resting in my Sovereign God Who is taking care of everything else. Bring on the Sabbath Rest!