Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Best Intentions

Kathryn has had another good day and used her energy wisely. She is going to take tomorrow off work because her company will be having an outdoor picnic. That is probably one of her least favorite things to do in all the world. The bug bites, the bees she can hear and not see, the hot sun on her fair skin, all have led her on more than one occasion to say, "I'm going into the house; this is too much nature for me!"

Qavah had a special guest join her at the hospital for the fun of it. Her friend Emily thought it would be a good idea to come to the hospital sometime to hold Qavah's hand and help her to be brave during her transfusion. Today was the day that worked out for all of us. So Emily positioned herself beside Qavah, the nurse got everything ready, and as soon as Emily saw the blood she was outta there! She went into the next room and her Grammy went after her. Emily declared it was a little too much for her. But the sweetness of God is that He has given Qavah a bravery beyond her years to cope with the frequency of being "stuck" with a needle. And He has given her a dear little friend who loves her with the best intentions.