Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Days are Just Packed

As with Calvin and Hobbs, the days are just packed with adventures around here. We've had parties, house guests, projects, and more. The days that Kathryn feels good are increasing. Qavah is also doing well. So this is the time for celebrations and getting things accomplished. It has been fun for Qavah to have Nehemiah and Annelise visit this week as well. All the children like to spend time on the swings and when naptime rolls around they all fall asleep very quickly.

Today I have been researching and calling hospitals around the Country looking for more information about bone marrow transplants. I am getting packets of Qavah's records ready to send out to Seattle, New York, and Minnesota, in the hopes that someone will take an interest in Qavah's case. St. Jude's turned us down because Qavah's condition is so unlike the blood disorders and cancers they normally see. However, they did give us some leads on other transplant facilities.

We have been praying about a bone marrow transplant which is something some of her doctors wanted us to think about from the beginning. That is a huge step, and one that requires faith. We know that God has a wonderful plan for Qavah. Now we are looking for every possible means to give her the best medical help. Please join us in praying for the doors to open if a bone marrow transplant will indeed put her disease at rest. We also pray that if that time comes we will all have the faith to walk through those doors.