Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hurdles are made to be Jumped

Kathryn's condition deteriorated during the morning and I took her to the hospital around 1 o'clock. Paul came home from work to help me get her dressed and into the car. It has been a long, tiring day. The problem with diarrhea, a common problem with HPS patients, is that all medications pass through the body without providing the necessary relief of symptoms. While I usually write about Kathryn's "GI issues," I am actually referring to profound diarrhea that leads to bowel bleeding and blood loss. She was not able to stand up or walk on her own today and again I was thanking God for a friend of mine who made it possible to buy a lightweight wheel chair two years ago for times like this.

By the time we arrived at the hospital Kathryn could not answer simple questions and her eyes wouldn't focus. After the nurses consulted Kathryn's doctor it was decided that she should have an adrenal boost by way of a Salumedrol infusion. She was taken to a dark, quiet room and given the medication by IV, then received her Remicade treatment. After several hours, Kathryn perked up a bit and we decided to come home and continue medications at home throughout the night. If her body doesn't adjust on one treatment of Salumedrol we have an open appointment to take her back to the hospital tomorrow.

We are thankful for what this lesson has taught us. In the future we will be asking her primary care doctor to order drugs in the event that we can not reach the specialist when a presciption runs out. Paul is due to leave for Sweden on Monday. I'm thankful that all this is taking place while he has been at home to help. Kathryn has stated confidently that she will be going back to work by Monday. I am joining her in that belief. Kathryn will jump this hurdle by God's grace. She is confident in His power.