Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Research

For the past eleven weeks, particularly the week after a transfusion, Qavah has battled lung congestion. Paul Burton has showed me how to hold Qavah and pat her back in the area of her lungs to help her cough up some of the congestion. She has been on two different antibiotics but neither have cleared the congestion. We have been praying fervently for the right help for Qavah and recently believe the Lord has led us to broaden our research on Qavah's health problems.

In our attempt to find help we have come across websites for orphan diseases and rare chomosome diseases. I wrote several emails asking for help from the contact persons and received some information today that could potentially help. I have also found some websites devoted to helping parents cope with the challenges and sorrows of watching their children struggle with a rare disease. All of this information is out there for me on the internet. It is a huge gift to have access to these things. I have drafted a simple email and have listed all of Qavah's chronic symptoms. It is ready to go out to whoever is out there waiting to help someone like Qavah. It only takes one person with the right connections. Please join us in praying for the one.