Monday, June 29, 2009


Our family is in the midst of upgrading computer systems and software, therefore I haven't been on the computer for a few days. Kathryn has managed most of the upgrades for us. She has been transfering files and downloading software while Paul and I have been creating new office space and taking care of other things around the house.

In this time of reprieve from the girls' physical trials, I'm upgrading my home. I have cleaned closets, washed windows, made window treatments, and attended to unfinished projects that I started over two years ago. My "to do" list has several things crossed off of it after this past weekend. And as I was attending to all the things that have had to wait, I was considering how much fun it is to do the simplest things. I have enjoyed every moment I've had to create and remodel. It's my way of celebrating the "normal" days. A completed project gives me something tangible to look at as a remembrance that there are days of rest from our trials. I love observing the girls when they are having good days, and that was certainly true this past weekend. Their smiles and contentment are also a reminder that God is strong and able to do exceeding beyond what we ask.

Finally, I just started a new Bible study and feel as though my very soul is being upgraded. I'm "uploading" scripture for my heart to ponder, and "filing" new data into my heart for the days to come. I believe there are going to be times ahead of us that will require more of us; more faith, more patience, and more perseverance. And I'd like to head into those times with a clean house, a working computer, and a heart full of courage.