Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Celebration

The girls have both been feeling well. That is cause for celebration right there! But we are also celebrating Father's Day, my birthday, and Nehemiah's birthday all in one weekend. The sweetness of celebrating these events with the family has made for a joyful weekend.

After dinner last night there were birthday presents to open. I opened one gift to find I had a pedicure and manicure scheduled first thing this morning. Then I opened a gift certificate for one of my favorite antique stores so Paul and I went "antiquing" this afternoon. After an evening walk with my friend Linda I am settling in for the night feeling very blessed. This has been a very special day from beginning to end. I am now another year older. I find that with age comes wisdom and I wouldn't want to give up all I have learned by turning the clock backwards. So this year I plan to view wrinkles and graying hair with more acceptance. I plan to laugh more.

One night last week I emptied out my blue jean pockets before getting ready for bed. I had several dollar bills stuffed in one pocket; change from the grocery store that I had forgotten to put into my purse. So I left the money there until morning. The next morning while showering I heard Qavah fly into the bathroom shouting, "Look Mommy! Look what the tooth fairy left on your dresser!" She was holding a fistful of dollars in awe of what she thought the tooth fairy left for me. While contemplating the acceptance of gray hair and wrinkles I sincerely hope that I will keep my teeth for as long as I need them.