Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Historical Day

Paul likes to shop for glue. My husband has a whole drawer full of glue in the garage. There is wood glue, glass glue, instant glue, epoxy, and a whole variety of other glues. They claim to bond pieces back together better than new. But over the years I have not found "glued" items to be reliable. I started to wonder about the validity of claims written on the glue bottles and tubes when after being glued, certain items fell apart again. But as soon as Paul sees something break he will say, "Give it to me; I've got a glue that will fix it." Which has caused some pretty funny things to happen in our years of marriage. Let me just say we no longer try to glue handles back on coffee mugs.

Tonight when Paul was in the heat of battle with Qavah using our little boat oars as swords, one of them snapped in two. As the battle came to a screeching halt I said, "No, Paul!" Without even asking me what I could possibly mean he grinned and said, "Glue won't fix this; they're too old and brittle." Yes, as the title of this post states, this is an historical day.