Monday, July 06, 2009

More Joy for Qavah

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Qavah has a brand new reason to smile. She just got a new hairdo. We went to the JC Penney Salon and had her hair straightened. I am now able to run a comb through her hair which is something she hasn't experienced before. When I comb her hair she relaxes into it with happy sighs. Today I rolled the car window down while moving in traffic and I heard a sudden burst of laughter from Qavah. I looked into the rear view mirror and discovered the reason. She had her eyes closed and said, "I can feel the wind blowing my hair, Mommy!" I could tell by her expression that she was enjoying the feeling. She has also been running to and fro. I asked her why and she said, "Because I can feel my hair bounce when I run!" It's the little things, right girls?

The before picture:

The relaxer is at work and Qavah has dreams of long flowing hair.

The hairdresser had this whole process finished within an hour and Qavah was very patient.

Qavah has been smiling like Miss America with her new "do" and has thanked me at least a dozen times for taking her to Penney's.