Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Night Date

We devoted the weekend to family. Paul set up the little swimming pool for Qavah, Nehemiah, and Annelise. We sat outdoors watching the children splash and squeal. We watched Wiggles, read stories, and changed diapers. By this afternoon Paul and I were passing each other in the kitchen and he asked, "How about a date tonight; just you and me?" That sounded great so after dinner and baths we packed up the grandchildren to return them to their Mommy and Daddy and then headed out.

We discussed our possibilities including visiting the Salem Fair. But we ended up buying the bargain tea from a local fast food place, filled the car with gas, and finished out the evening with a trip to Lowes and Walmart. We may not win a prize for thinking up the most romantic dates, but we ordered only one large iced tea and asked for two straws. It's love.