Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scrap Wood

Qavah is outgrowing her toddler bed. Therefore, Paul and I have spent the past two evenings making her a bigger bed. My practical mind thought through the fact that in these economic hard times we might be able to use scrap wood and make something interesting rather than purchasing a bed. We already had a twin bed mattress.

I had the idea to use a crude bed we had made four years ago and kept on our upper porch. It was made of fence posts. Then I took a trip to a local craft store and found some little two-inch wooden balls to screw into the top of the posts. Her bed is made of scrap wood from the barn, eleven wooden balls, and is painted white with leftover paint from another project. In a day or two, Qavah will have a new bed. But even more important than that, she will have a bed big enough for us to sit beside her and read bedtime stories. I'll post pictures when the bed is in place. I love dreaming, scrap wood, and a handy husband.

In the middle of the project I had a feeling that Jesus "The Carpenter" was looking over our shoulders. I think it pleases Him when we are creative. Or maybe I felt His pleasure because He also likes to make something beautiful of broken things.