Saturday, July 04, 2009

This Fine Day

We took the family up to visit Granddaddy and Grandmom in Fishersville to celebrate the Fourth of July. Our seven passenger van was stuffed with diaper bags and baby gear. The little children got to hear the happy music that their uncles started playing. And at one point they all just started dancing. Their little faces were so happy as they listened to the music and bobbed up and down to the rhythm. We had the traditional American cuisine for lunch which included hot dogs, baked beans, and coleslaw.

It is a special day for us when we can be together enjoying holidays. There is something comforting about belonging to a family that prays when we meet together, and a family that pulls out musical instruments to play music that sets toes to tapping. We were blessed to have a heaping helping of the freedoms that are our in America.

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  1. Hi! Kathryn asked me to see if the comments were working yet. So here I am. Sure do love you guys (and Qavah's pictures are precious by the way!)