Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Weather

The cool temperatures we have been experiencing in the south are very rare for this time of year. We have the doors and windows open tonight and the breeze is ushering in the fragrance of honeysuckle which is in full bloom. The cool temperatures and low humidity have made everything clearer, including the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and my memories of the weekend. Qavah was the perfect birthday princess, and Kathryn felt very good physically. We were able to hear our first born son as he preached a powerful sermon at his church today. He spoke of the steadfast love of our God. My heart said, "Yes!" and "Amen" to the words fitly spoken. My heart is full tonight as I reflect on the goodness of God.

In these good times, we have the opportunity set before us to gather strength, courage, and rest, for the times to come. This is a season of celebration for us and I am enjoying it so much. It actually makes me wish that the weekend would not have to come to an end.

Awesome is God from His sanctuary; the God of Israel, for He is the One Who gives power and strength to His people. Psalm 68:35