Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bits of News

I have seen Qavah playing doctor many times. She even checks veins on the arms of friends to see how visible they are for blood work. And as I observe her doing that, I wonder how many children with health challenges grow up to be health care providers. As we sat in the doctor's office today waiting for Qavah's transfusion we met a young man who was there for his very last visit to the pediatric clinic. He had cancer at the age of five and was now eighteen and headed off to college. As he was telling me that story I looked at his mama who was glowing with pride. I know there was a day that she wondered if he would live to go to college. And to finish off the story his mother said joyfully, "He's going into medicine." Qavah's name was called and we parted with good wishes but I can't help thinking tonight how much that young man already knows about caring for sick through his own experience.

Although one of Kathryn's doctor visits today was not very encouraging, she is planning to watch a movie with me tonight and forget about it. Qavah is planning to join us and wants popcorn. Paul is entertaining a few men from China this week as they are doing business with the company. He is playing tour guide and taking them to restaurants for lunch and dinner. And what do foreign visitors want when they come to the USA? Today they wanted hamburgers and purchased one hundred dollars worth of chocolate kisses and candy bars to take home to their loved ones. That about wraps it up for our little bit of news tonight.