Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Days to Come

We have been having some serious talks around our home about the upcoming flu season. Qavah and Kathryn may not be able to tolerate the flu vaccine and yet they are very vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections. In our last visit to the pediatrician's office, we went over some common sense things that would help keep the girls healthy this winter. We agreed that we can avoid crowds during the peak flu season, and stay home.

We decided to do something with the four walls, if we are going to be staying home looking at them. With some help from our friends who own and operate The French Thistle on Williamson Road, we have updated the master bedroom into a refreshing retreat that we can all enjoy this winter. Paul said he can see it all now: he will be sitting on the loveseat reading Jane Austen aloud while the three of us girls are snuggled together on the bed under the covers.

I chose red and gold as the color theme and Paul added his touch with two homemade night stands that I painted and decorated to match the Country French decor. He also made a foot bench for resting our feet upon when we are seated on the loveseat in the corner.

The loveseat was given to us by some dear friends who felt that it would not fit with spaces in their new home when they moved out West. We had it reupholstered at The French Thistle and were very pleased with the detail and craftsmanship. The piping on the loveseat was a very pretty little check pattern that complemented our gold and red fabric selection.

When we picked up the loveseat at The French Thistle we were able to get a picture of the owners David, Lizi, and son Kurt, who mastered the re-upholstery job. The little throw pillows were a perfect touch.

Pictured below is the loveseat in its new home. This is our space to worship, pray, read, and recharge our batteries.

How does the woman in Proverbs 31:25 laugh at the days to come when she knows they are going to be difficult on many levels? I suspect she had a lovely corner in her home in which to fix her eyes on things above where our true treasure is waiting for us; our heavenly home where our sanctuary will never be shaken by strife or hardship.