Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meet Maddie

Meet darling little Madison. "Maddie" is two years old and lives in the Phoenix area. Maddie is one of three known children in the world with a deletion on Chromosome 3q29. When I first found Maddie, her parents had a slide show of her in various stages of her life on their website. The pictures of Maddie as in infant in the hospital really tugged at my heart. She has many of the same physical problems we see in Qavah. Last week our families definitely caught the attention of a group of scientists at NIH studying bone marrow failure. We are asking God for a miracle for Maddie, Qavah, and Jamie. All three have been kept alive through transfusions every three weeks since birth.

Since speaking with Aimee, Maddie's Mom, my determination has been renewed. Aimee is also a Christian. I told her that we have a great group of prayer warriors following this blog. We are asking God for a miracle break-through that would enable our children to lead their lives free from their dependency on blood transfusions. We are believing that there is a drug on the market that will bring them into remission, and we pray it will be tried in God's time.

This blog has been a real tool in bringing together people of God who pray with a sincere heart. Sometimes when I am out in public, people stop me to tell me that they read the blog and are praying for us. I have told Aimee of the many times our friends and family have prayed us through the most difficult times and how it has encouraged us. Now Aimee can know that even when faced with the most difficult decisions, the people visiting the Campbell blog are praying. Aimee and her husband Darrel have their hands full with their four children, but they are loving Maddie well. I now pray that they will be uplifted by the strength that only God can give.

Father thank you for the readers of this blog who boldly ask for miracles. You have given us a glimpse of your glory through answered prayer and we humbly thank you. Jesus healed a woman with an "issue of blood" therefore we can believe that healing for Qavah, Maddie, and Jamie is possible. Amen