Saturday, August 01, 2009

Quieted Heart

Linda and I took an evening walk in our quiet neighborhood. As the sun was setting there were bright, beautiful, cloud formations rising high about the mountain range. There are times during our walks that I have applauded during the sunset. God has given us some beautiful sunsets this summer and I think He deserves a standing ovation for the end of the day display. Linda enjoys my enthusiasm over such things and recently had me listen to a gospel group she discovered singing the song, "How Do You Like The Show." I'd say tonight's show was mighty fine!

The darkness is settling now and after two weeks of company and overnights with the grandchildren our home is very very quiet tonight. My heart is also quieted. The past few days of good family times around the table with dessert and coffee and the celebration of two birthdays have closed out the week with joy. (Happy birthday Mom and Danae). We are very thankful for the good health of our girls that made it possible to have the family reunion at our home this year. It was like "old times" as I scurried around the kitchen. Qavah enjoyed the attention of her cousins to the utmost.

I'll close tonight by posting some pictures of Qavah's "scrap wood" bed. She has had her bath and is ready to climb in. At the end of a long week or even a long day, doesn't it feel good to slip your feet into your own bed? The sheets have a certain softness and the pillow is just right. Rest well, friends.