Thursday, August 06, 2009

Senior Moments

I had a friend, now in heaven, who used to say she was having a "senior moment" whenever she began a story and lost her train of thought. She would start to name someone in her story, forget the name, and start knocking on her head as though that would rouse the little memory cells for the answer. She would say, "When my senior moment passes I'll tell you the name, because I know it like I know my own."

Well, today I took Qavah to the Mill Mountain Zoo. We met up with friends and when the girls jumped on the back of a tiger sculpture I started saying, "There was a young lady of Niger, who smiled as she rode on a tiger..." The rest of the poem was hidden from me. My memory had failed me and I couldn't finish it! I was having a senior moment. I thought about it on the way home trying to remember the words but they just didn't rhyme well. The evasive little poem nagged at me on and off the rest of the afternoon until Paul walked in the door.

Can you imagine what Paul did when I flung open the back door and shouted, "Quick, finish this poem before I go crazy." "There was a young lady of Niger, who smiled as she rode on a Tiger!" He blurted out, "They returned from the ride with the lady inside, and the smile on the face of the Tiger." Which just proves at the end of the day that we need each other!