Monday, August 10, 2009

Today Ballet

After a big weekend, and visits with more cousins and family, Qavah just wanted to stay at home today. I looked into her room early this morning and she was already wearing ballet shoes and trying to pull on her tutu. I asked what she had in mind and she said, "I just want to stay home today with my ballet suit and watch Angelina Ballerina." So that is what we did. Qavah is seeing the doctor tomorrow about some GI problems and needs another transfusion this week. She has so little control over her circumstances that staying home today to watch movies in a ballet outfit seemed like a great idea.

Kathryn is back to work and feeling much better after tummy troubles and going back to eating baby food. She is probably ready to take a day to be a ballerina princess herself, but she has joined the work force and has to wait for the weekend to play princess.