Saturday, September 12, 2009


I woke up yesterday morning and opened my eyes to see Qavah standing beside my bed staring at me. I had to get more sleep. I asked if she could come up on my bed and sit for awhile so that I could get a little more sleep. She climbed up on the bed, put her head down beside me, and started playing with my hair. I fell asleep with her holding my hand and woke up an hour later with Qavah still staring at me. I said, "Qavah, you were as quiet as a little mouse." She replied, "And you snored like Daddy."

What a funny little picture; my little daughter lying there as quiet as a mouse, while I sawed some serious logs. I asked her later what she was thinking about all that time. She told me she was thinking about wanting to look like me. I knew what she meant. She's beginning to notice that the color of our skin is different. But when we got dressed we both wore brown slacks with red blouses. That thrilled her. Kathryn saw us dressed alike and reminded me that she went through that stage of wanting to wear matching clothes as well. Now that she is an adult I asked her why she had wanted to dress just like me. She said, "It's more than the clothes. It's going places and having other people see that we belonged together." And in her answer was the importance of giving orphaned and abandoned children a family. It gives them a place to belong.