Friday, September 18, 2009

His Story

While gathering together all the necessary documents to send to Johns Hopkins, I read the very first medical report written about Qavah. I read it greedily; scouring the pages for detail. She had a history before she became "ours." The physician noted, "baby born with no cry." That statement followed a long list of serious health problems, some of which she still exhibits six years later. In reading the history my heart responded with tender emotion to the beginning of God's story about Qavah.

Our common bond in this life is not just that we are all human, but that His Story is being written and we are all a part of it. His Story isn't complete without the chapter He is writing about you. And as you flip back through the pages to the beginning of your life, I hope you see His Story as a great love story. I hope you'll find, that He thought you worthy then, and has not stopped thinking about you since.

Yesterday, while out shopping, Kathryn and I met three women who knew about us through reading our blogs. They introduced themselves and shared their interesting histories. They were in the midst of working through a variety of challenges themselves. Those women inspired us and we prayed for them when we got home. Life is a series of joys and challenges, and in them God is revealing Himself and writing His Story. Kathryn and I commented to the women that it will take eternity to hear all of the redemption stories He has written. I have chosen to believe that the Author of The Book Of Life has published a work of fact not fiction. The end of His Story is a victorious one, where death is defeated and the battles won. That's an ending that makes the whole book worth reading.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." His Story is written in the Holy Bible and continues with you and me. And the very last verse is spoken as a blessing over all of our lives, "The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen."
Genesis 1:1 ... Revelation 22:21