Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meat Loaf

Our family is having a busy day today. Although it is early in the day, I have given some thought to dinner. Qavah and I will be at the hospital for her transfusion this afternoon. Paul Burton will be studying at home but will be able to pick Kathryn up from work. My husband will come home after work as hungry as a bear. We'll all arrive home about the same time and everyone will be thinking about a meal. I've settled on serving meatloaf for dinner.

Once the meat, oats, ground carrot, and onion were mixed together with egg and milk, I started thinking about how it feels to arrive home to the fragrance of a hot meal. It warms the heart. I may be as Old-Fashioned as the oats I put into my meat loaf, but I love having my family walk into the house after a long day, sniff the air, and say, "It sure smells good in here."

It's more than the meatloaf, buttered red potatoes, and green beans that I look forward to enjoying. It's the conversation around the dinner table as we catch up on the day. Our meal starts with a prayer asking God to bless the food and thanking Him for His goodness. It continues with enjoying the food, exchange of the days' news, and appreciation of each other. There are many good reasons why families can not sit down to the dinner table together these days, but it sure adds some healing goodness to the end of the day.

It's early and I don't yet know what challenges or delights this day will bring, but Lord willing, it will come to a close with meatloaf and smiles all around.