Wednesday, September 23, 2009


While Qavah received her transfusion yesterday, I sat beside her filling out paperwork for the NIH. The questions were probing and most of them could not be answered. I breezed through ten pages because I have no birth-family history on Qavah. Someday, birth parents may be required to fill out forms that give an adoptive family some medical history. That would certainly help if the child begins to show signs of an inherited illness. We are focused on that dilemma only because we are now in a position to answer questions that could help lead scientists to a cure for Qavah.

Yesterday unfolded just as I had imagined. We all arrived home to a wonderful hot meal and during our table conversation I heard good words. "Qavah was brave." "I finished my homework." "I met an interesting person at work today." Good food, laughter, and encouraging words, all made for a lovely dinner. That was topped off with dessert later with Colin and Jennifer. (Happy Birthday, Jennifer!).

This afternoon I am ready to mail off the packet to NIH. Our two years of research has opened doors to the NIH and to Johns Hopkins. We have filled out stacks of paperwork, located all hospital records, and have prepared Qavah emotionally for the research. Now we wait. And now we trust that the One Who knows the number of hairs on her head is at work.

I agree with Job 42:1 "I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted."