Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sleep Study

Paul was stung by a hornet on the side of his face on Saturday. By Sunday night his eye was just about swollen shut. He was busy in the barn looking for a piece of wood and didn't notice that the hornets in the nest above his head were in an uproar because of his presence. When he went to the doctor today his blood pressure was higher than it had ever been. Paul thought it was because of the hornet venom or the fact that he had just been told he has to go to a sleep study tomorrow night.

One of the things I like about being married is having a bed buddy. Not the little rice bag things that are warmed in a microwave to keep me warm, but a real live husband. The bedtime stories, the warmth on a cold night, even the snoring, is part of our story. But the doctor told Paul that he is going to have to spend the night in a room similar to a hospital room in order to be hooked up to machines and monitors. His snoring is a sign that he is not getting good sleep, and that his oxygen levels may be low during the night. Tomorrow night my bed buddy will be taking a sleep study miles away and I will toss and turn wondering how he is doing and if I locked all the doors. I'll miss his snoring.

That's marriage. You just learn over the years how to be bookends. And the story in between those bookends can be so sweet. Sleep well, friends.