Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something to Do

When God gives me something to do, I feel His pleasure when I get started. We have been given a great opportunity to help Qavah through Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. They sent me a "to do" list. I am to provide them with all the background information to help the doctors get a better idea of Qavah's condition before they see her. I used some of my time yesterday having my car inspected and oil changed in preparation for the driving ahead of me. I spent some time this morning collecting hospital records and preparing to send the packet of information out by the end of this week. And in the "doing" of these simple tasks I have this marvelous hope that God has given me that Qavah is going to be healed.

She on the other hand has no concerns about these tasks that must be done. She just goes along keeping me company. She played with the toys at the car dealership like it was a special treat while my car was being serviced. At home she had a little bowl of popcorn and watched a movie while I sorted through her medical records and made some calls. At bedtime I have been telling her a story about a little cell named "Killer" (PacMan) that goes about devouring little dots (or red blood cells) and he must be stopped. To anyone on the outside it may look like we are just moving through the hours in our day. But in my heart I know I am following the path God laid out for me and I'm learning to never, never, never, give up.

As I go about accomplishing these tasks, I am imagining Him doing all the necessary things behind the scenes, undetected by me, to show me His glory and grace. Never far from my thoughts is the moment when we are told that a treatment plan is working. I pray for that day with all my heart.