Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer Bloom

With the arrival of Autumn, I have been sorting through Qavah's clothing and pulling out the sizes she has outgrown. To my amazement, her feet have grown two shoe sizes this summer and the winter pants left from last year are too short to be worn this season. Annelise now shows up at our house wearing Qavah's smaller sized clothes. It is remarkable how much children grow in the summertime. With rest, good food, exercise, and sunshine, they stand taller in the fall and look older somehow. The joy in all of that growth comes from recognizing that cells are dividing as they should, and that bones are growing normally. While I might be tempted to feel sad about Qavah growing up so fast, I am actually quite thankful for her development.

We have had so many good days all together that my heart is full of thanksgiving. I haven't known a time in my life like this before. But as I woke Qavah this morning, I asked her how we could celebrate today. She said, "We could shop at Wal-Mart and get French fries!" So that is what we did. And we were still celebrating tonight as we tucked Qavah in for the night in her new size 5 pajamas from Wal-Mart. God is good.