Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Night

Kathryn is not doing well tonight. Paul got her hot tub filled and we have soaked her hoping to relieve some swelling in her body. A co-worker noticed today that one side of her face was swelling. Now her right arm is swelling. She said she feels poisoned and is bringing up bile. Her last liver function test showed elevated levels and we were to have her rechecked next Monday. But I will take her to the hospital tomorrow for those labs to see if her blood work will reveal anything. She suspects her pancreas is involved somehow and therefore she is limiting her diet to soft foods and liquids. Her pain is manageable without pain medications and we pray it will stay that way.

I had a call from Qavah's geneticist today that was very encouraging. Qavah will most likely get an appointment to see a top hematologist at Johns Hopkins. He has made the study of bone marrow failure the focus of his career and we are very fortunate to have his interest. The geneticist took my phone number and email address and told me that I will be hearing from Johns Hopkins shortly. Every time the phone rang today I felt hope rising. One of those calls will be the one I'm waiting for.

Mom and Dad Campbell drove down from Fishersville to visit today for Mom's harp lesson. We ate dinner together while Kathryn slept upstairs. I missed her at dinner because she absolutely loves sitting around a table with family.

Tonight as we settle in, I feel the strength that God gives me when life is pressing in and there is no where else to look but up. Over the past three years I have seen God's goodness and find it easier now to trust Him for this new battle with Kathryn. Tonight when I was lowering Kathryn into her tub she said, "Mama, I want God to give you and Daddy something so special for helping me." He already has given us that in the form of hearing gratitude from someone who has every right to be mean and cranky.