Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Transfusion Day

We arrived at the hospital early! The best thing about early morning transfusions is watching the good programing on TV with Qavah. There are plenty of teaching programs to help us pass the time since a transfusion takes three hours. Qavah settled in with a blanket from the warming machine, a strawberry nutritional shake, and was good to go. It was nice to be in Elmo's World for an hour with my daughter. Today's show was all about pretending. What would life be like without pretending?

Why is it that pretending is one of the greatest things we remember about being a child? When I was little I watched Roy Rogers and Dale Evans on Saturday morning TV then spent the rest of the day playing cowboys and Indians with my brothers. Being good at pretending isn't just for kids. Pretending to be brave helps us to step out in faith when our hearts are about to faint. I still like to pretend, but now I consider it a serious skill and I'm glad I had Elmo to remind me of it this morning.