Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Get My Hour Back!

Maybe no one else cares about this topic but me. But every year when I find out that I get my extra hour of sleep back that I lost in the spring, I somehow feel celebratory. I can think of all kinds of ways to use my extra hour. After finishing another major house project and a very busy weekend, I am planning to use it sleeping.

Kathryn is coming out of a tough time physically. Although she was able to keep working, a sinus infection has plagued her. Her body has a strange reaction to antibiotics and she is again covered in bruises and took some Stimate today to control bleeding. This particular drug has worked better than others so she is getting relief from her sinus headaches.

Qavah was energetic today and followed Paul around as he worked between the garage and barn. We are all getting ready to go to bed in order to be up and ready for church on time tomorrow. I see by the clock that my extra hour of rest begins now!

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