Friday, October 02, 2009

More Good Things

We woke up this morning with more joy for our journey. Kathryn's bleeding is under control. She looks so much better. The Stimate worked very quickly to help clot her blood. By noon today she was dressed and ready to go to work. She worked happily all afternoon and when co-workers found out why she was late for work they pampered her the rest of the day. She is happy to be home for the weekend and has another dose of Stimate to take tomorrow. We are very thankful for the way God cared for her physical needs yesterday.

Not only did Kathryn wake up refreshed and joyful this morning, so did Qavah and Annelise. They had a little sleep-over and came down to breakfast bright-eyed. Paul Burton has a little song he sings for these occasions and the words are a perfect way to introduce this picture.

My Hair Had a Party Last Night

My hair had a party last night,
It musta had a terrible fight,
Cause when my head hit the pillow it was lookin' all right,
My hair had a party last night.

My hair had a party last night,
When I lay down everything was all right,
It started out friendly but there must have been a fight,
My hair had a party last night.

By : Trout Fishing in America