Sunday, October 11, 2009

PaPa's Workshop

I have been so focused on finishing projects while the girls are well that I have forgotten about updating the blog. We've been having some wonderful days together and I am thankful for them all. Paul and I both have our "to do" lists. Both of our lists have something to do with getting ready for the winter months. I have managed to update rooms in our home with brighter colored paint. He is managing to get the barn straightened up in order to have space to work indoors out of the snow and ice.

We have both worked on getting ready for having the children playing indoors. We want them to get plenty of exercise while playing with their toys. A few years ago, Paul and I kicked around the idea of starting a business called "Keeper Toys." We thought we would manufacture just a couple of toys that our children loved when they were young. In particular, Paul made a little scooter for Paul Burton for his second birthday and we have kept it in the family until nieces, nephews, and now grandchildren are enjoying it. That little scooter was a keeper! Nehemiah is just the right size for the one that is now 24 years old.

Last weekend Paul went to the barn to look for scrap wood to make two more scooters for Annelise and Qavah while I went on a hunt for wheels at a local tool store. He modified the plans for a larger scooter for older toddlers and I found some great wheels at Harbor Freight Company. He cut, sanded, and assembled them. I applied an oil wood finish and made a license plate. This project was most fun when the job was finished and three little people were eagerly ready to ride. I couldn't get a clear picture of the children on them because they were in constant motion. We are ready for winter. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!