Monday, October 26, 2009

Purple Mountain Majesty

Our little family stood on a mountain lookout point gazing at the Fall colors yesterday. Kathryn and I had a precious time of worship together Sunday morning and when the rest of the family arrived home from church we took a little time in the late afternoon to drive on a stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The time of worship coupled with the splendor of nature provided us with a good reason to celebrate our Creator God. He must absolutely love beauty. He sure gave us an eyeful yesterday.

Yesterday morning as Kathryn and I heard a message from the Old Testament about Gideon, my ears heard the story and my heart listened. Gideon was fearful and weak. And he was given a task that He knew he could not handle. When God fought Gideon's battle for him, there was no doubt Who deserved the glory when victory came. He deserves all the honor and praise for the moments we have to be a family enjoying our days together. We are hidden in Him, our protector. These days are so gloriously sweet.

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