Thursday, October 08, 2009

Qavah News

Last night we had a call from the Children's Hospital of Cincinnati. There is a well known hematologist there that will be meeting with us on November sixteenth. I am making all the arrangements to go, and feel that this is what we must do next. As I was waiting to hear from Johns Hopkins I found out that the doctor Qavah was to see there is out of the country. I discovered through a conversation with Cincinnati Children's Hospital that the doctor at Hopkins had gotten his training at Cincinnati. We are now making our way into the top scientific research area for rare blood disorders going on in this country. It will be interesting to see where God takes us from here.

I was running errands this morning with Qavah and picked up a chicken at Sam's Club for lunch. We could smell the aroma of perfectly cooked chicken all the way home. I looked at Qavah in the rearview mirror and asked her if she wanted a chicken leg when we got home. She looked shocked and said, "No Mommy! I can't eat the chicken's leg!" That perplexed me because she had always liked it best. When we got home I set the chicken on the counter and she pointed to the part she wanted. "Oh, so you want the drumstick?" I asked. "Yes", she said, "that is the only part I like!" Oh dear.