Saturday, November 14, 2009

End of the Day

It has been such a wonderful day. The girls are doing well. I felt like writing a simple poem tonight before going off to bed. Enjoy your Sabbath rest.

It's the end of the day
When all is said and done,
The work is complete
And the battles are won.

That is the time for just God and me,
When I recount the blessings He showered on me.
I felt His pleasure and saw His hand
And in the face of adversity He caused me to stand.

Sundown ushers in the Sabbath Day
The noise and activities have fallen away
I rest tonight in the shelter of The Most High
Sweet peace floods my soul as I close my eyes.

You, Oh Lord, will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you. Isaiah 26:3

More than Israel has kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept Israel. Ahad Ha-Am

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