Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Image of Jesus

I read a news article this weekend about a woman who saw Jesus in the bottom of her iron. The metal on the bottom of the iron had discolored in the shape of the Messiah complete with long hair and a beard. I'm always interested when I read about people seeing Jesus on a potato chip or grilled cheese sandwich. I always wonder if they see Him in the daily routine of life.

I saw the image of Jesus this weekend when Paul took the time out of his busy weekend to make Qavah a rope- swing from our black walnut tree, and when he emailed a friend whose wife died suddenly last year. I saw the image of Jesus in church today when one of the church elders handed Kathryn her communion cup knowing how hard it is for her, with her visual impairment, to select her own tiny cup from the tray. I saw the image of Jesus as we went forward for communion, each of us knowing in our hearts how unworthy we were to receive the gift of forgiveness, yet the table was set for those of us who put our trust in the finished work of Christ. I think He probably gets a kick out of the "sightings" on an iron or cheese sandwich, but I am sure He takes greater delight when His image is stamped on our hearts.