Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweet Sleep

I had an early morning doctor appointment for myself. This has been my first physical challenge since we got Qavah. As all mothers know "resting" with a child in the house is like trying to take it easy hanging wallpaper. It just doesn't happen to work that smoothly. But today I put a movie on for Qavah in our bedroom. I curled up on the bed and asked Qavah to wake me up if she needed anything. I gave her a sippy cup of apple juice and a bowl of popcorn. For two lovely hours she watched her movie on the bed beside me while I slept like a baby. After having a pretty severe reaction to two different antibiotics, I am trying a third hoping it will begin to work.

Tomorrow morning I have to take Qavah for a transfusion bright and early. So my plan tonight is to curl up and go to sleep early while Paul takes care of all the bedtime routine. A family is a team and when one member is down it takes all of us to keep things going. Go team Campbell!

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