Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Process

Last night at Bible Study as we were studying Nehemiah chapter eight, the subject of trusting God's process came up. In that day, Nehemiah and the people had just finished rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem in fifty-two days. The effort took the cooperation of every family member. The work was difficult as the people rebuilt the wall with a stone in one hand and a sword in the other. Their enemies hounded them. It was hard work. It was intense. There were moments of anger and frustration. All the while they worked they didn't realize that the labor and effort was a process. The process of rebuilding in difficult circumstances taught them obedience.

When the wall was finished, the Israelites gathered in the city to hear the ancient scroll read aloud. They had not heard the word of the Lord read in years. When it was read the people began to weep, repenting of the evil they had brought upon themselves. Having recognized that it was through disobedience that their lives were in such a mess, they humbled themselves before the one true Holy God and asked His forgiveness. What part of my suffering comes from disobedience?

The discussion in Bible study also led me to ask myself this question. If I trust God, can I trust "the process" He is using to draw me or a family member nearer to Him? The "process" is hard work and looks messy at times. The end is not in sight. The enemy is standing ready to point out all the failures. While our girls have their physical struggles, I am always aware that many around me are struggling as well. There are financial difficulties, marriages in trouble, wayward children, illness and disease. And it would all be overwhelming if not for trusting the Lord of the "process." There is a line of a Christian song that says, "when you can't trust His hand trust His heart." I'm hanging on to that when I have difficulty accepting "the process."

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