Sunday, December 20, 2009

Back Home

We sat in our hotel room in Cincinnati Saturday morning listening to The Weather Channel. We decided that since most of the snow had already fallen in our hometown we should try to drive home. We figured that road crews would work all day to clear I-81 and by the time we would be driving in that area, the roads would be passable. By taking the southern route to Knoxville and getting on I-81 from the south, we were able to get home in ten hours and missed most of the snow. We needed to be home. We are all very weary. We've tried to clear snow today between naps. Qavah slept most of the day away.

As we think about the past week of testing in Cincinnati, we are committing it all to the Lord. If there is something to be seen at this time, I know He will reveal it. We are praying that nothing will be missed and that those who interpret the tests will see what needs to be seen. Paul and I saw many little children at the Bone Marrow Transplant clinic who needed our prayers. As we sat in the waiting area and saw the sick children we were able to pray for them, and our hearts were moved by the look of suffering on their faces. We were all swept up into the world of unknowns together. But the motto on the clinic wall stated, "Changing The Outcome." I pray it will be so.

After our last doctor visit on Friday we planned a surprise for Qavah. We took her to the IMAX cinema to see the Princess and the Frog. She sat riveted (no pun intended) to her seat with her bag of popcorn on her lap. Paul and I sat there watching her. The movie was delightful. Qavah would laugh with deep belly laughs at all the funny parts and it seemed like all the tension of the week was put far behind her. We were glad to have the chance to do something fun with her.

We have felt the very real Presence of the Lord guiding us and placing His peace over our home. Kathryn did very well on her own last week, and had the help of friends nearby. The Lord has supplied our needs in every way and then brought us home safely for Sabbath rest. We could not be in better Hands. He is the Prince of Peace, and it is evident in our home as we wait on Him to bring healing to Qavah.

Qavah and Maddie enjoying themselves

Leaving Cincinnati Children's Hospital on Friday - headed to the movies!