Monday, December 28, 2009

Celebrating Thirty-Six Years Together

It seems like just a few short years ago that Paul and I said "I do" on a snowy Saturday in Michigan. I can't believe how fast those years have flown by. We plan to celebrate tomorrow with brunch and a trip to an art museum in North Carolina. Paul had just one request when planning our day together; no kids along for this trip! I'm in full agreement that there are times a couple needs some time away from parenting. We can use the break and plan to enjoy a quiet day together without those "little ears around." Those little ears can be very humbling. Such was the case last week when we were taking Qavah to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for the first time.

We found that Cincinnati road signs were a bit confusing, so naturally while we were looking for certain buildings in Cincinnati there were some frustrating moments. As we neared an intersection I quickly said to Paul, “Turn right here!” "I can't turn right here; I am in the wrong lane," he stated hotly. I retorted, "No I meant this is where you turn! I meant turn left right here!" “Then say left!” Paul exclaimed. Defending myself as only a woman can do, I said, “Listen to what I mean, not what I say!”

Suddenly from the back seat a little voice said these penetrating words, “All right guys, can we use our happy voices please?” We were busted by our six year old. Using a line I have repeated to her many times as she plays with others, Qavah rightly stated a fact. When a situation arises that causes tensions to flare, the right thing to do is to use our “happy voices.” Left to ourselves we probably would have let the whole thing blow over, but Qavah caught us being naughty. Paul and I took turns apologizing to her for our temper flare up. Tomorrow we are planning to use our "happy voices" while we celebrate a happy marriage, and we are leaving our backseat driver at home.